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Congo Congo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I find this game interesting but there are some bugs or strange behavior such as a round finished when there still are vacancies left for two players (vacancies that are points we can take, not border between two player fields).

Also, the local multiplayer is not working. We can not write a name, and we can not play (both problems are probably linked as I suppose that we need names in order to play).

Finaly, not a big deal but the AI seems to be random. I am pretty sure we can program it to be smarter (using some good strategies). A good AI is probably used for local multiplayer, as we may be able to set the difficulty. The online is done to play with other players so the AI is ok for that (in my opinion).

BoardShockGames responds:

Thanks a lot for your accurate analysis!

I guess that behavior you mention is a normal game mechanic: you only have 12 pieces to use so when you run out of pieces that round ends for you, regardless of vacancies in the board).
Also notice that vacancies are not equal to points, you get points when others players get blocked, and the number of points is equal to their left pieces. I hope i have explained it clear, if not, ask again :-)

Thanks for the bug detection. I've just uploaded a new version correcting it.

You i've been very accurate with AI analysis, but as you said, we are focused in a player vs player games, either local and online. Even so, we have some improvements for AI ready, we are testing and balancing it and we will upload it as soon as possible.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Si j'ai bien compris, ton accent n'est pas français ?

En tout cas, tu ne mérite pas cinq étoiles. Vraiment. Je n'ai pas joué, et ça ne m'a pas plus.

I will not translate this message cause I do not speak french, as the autor of this NO game (this make sense XD) :

If I understand, your accent is not french ?

Anyway, you do not deserve five stars. Really. I did not play, and I did not like it.

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the NEXT jump the NEXT jump

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really love this game.

I report one bug :

I was probably on my last jump before the mothership, but I wanted one more to maximise my health (23 turns left, and probably, the last jump would have been a 23 turns one). So I waited a little to let the mothership take distance from me. To be sure, I waited until it remains 27 turns (the music ended). Then, the bug appears when I begin the jump : this one was in 0 turn ... the portal appeared directly on the first turn. I was below rank 20, and I try to have more than 20 and the bug desappear.

I have a tip : when I are shot, your rank decrease to 3 points. So you can try killing lots of ennemies and stay below 20 on rank, but make sure you have enough health.

One more thing : the mothership is really hard to beat. Even with my tip, I have something like 96 energies, 16 health, the powerfull shot, the powerfull punch and 3 range to move ... and I cannot beat him. So let us choose the difficulty ... this one should be the hard one. For the easy one, make the boss with less ennemies ? or less bullet ? or something less overwhelming.

anyway, I can't wait for the final version of this game. Good job.

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filsdd responds:

Thank you for the nice review! :D
I have read your mind! On the update I'm working on, I already decreased the difficulty of the mothership a bit! :D

This and other things... ;]

As for the BUG, I will look into it! THis is not the intended result! (edit: its fixed now!)

Your Rank is based on your Reputation... and the Reputarion already decreases when you are hit... ;]

Phoenotopia Phoenotopia

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I can't wait for the sequel.

It's a great game, especialy for an independant free browser game. Musics are great, plot is great, there are lots of things to do around the plot. The end is amasing (I believed, and still wish it was just the beginning, but it's not).

And now, I try to have all achievement, and try the speed run one, but I miss too many things. I think I am too long (22 minutes, and just finish to explore Atai and have bombs). I think I have to plan what I should do to not waste time like this ...

Don't have problem to report.

Continue the great work for the sequel (or sequels, I don't know). And also for future game you will make.

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Bridge to the Abyss Bridge to the Abyss

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's a cool game, but some explainations of what happen should be great.

For example, what blue, green and red "fish ?" are ? How to score ?

And yeah, it will be good to have our score following us in order to know if we go further our previews score or if we are not deep enough yet.

Chinese Tic Tac Toe Chinese Tic Tac Toe

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ooooh yeah. It's a really interesting concept you just creat for tic tac toe.

As others, I surely play like this. It's much more strategic and interesting.

First, I didn't understand what to do, why computer can play the same case more time than me and win this case, why I loose ... etc etc.

But the second time, I understood why. You put a cross in the middle of any case, and the computer play on the middle case. If he put a circle in the bottom left, then you play the bottom left case ... etc. If a case is won by one player, it never be played and when you or he choose thise case, the other player can play any case he want. You need to win cases in the big tic tac toe, in horizontal, vertical or diagonal way in order to win th game.

So, the strategy is to force the other player to play the case you want to play in order to win ... fabulous, intelligent, smart ... awsome, I love it.

So, 5 stars for you, and favorit game.

P.S.: when I didn't understand the rule, I never win. Maybe not lucky enough ?

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Karamchi responds:

Well, thank you for your 5.
I know its hard to understand how to play, but it is also diffuclt to explain it with words (well, you did, but I couldnt at the moment) . I just made an example and hoped most would get it in the first games, which I think was what happened.
You can win without understanding the rules, but its not very common: I dont know a winning strategy, so the AI only answers with obvious plays, such as winnig a square or preventing you from doing that.

Speed Tic Tac Toe Speed Tic Tac Toe

Rated 1 / 5 stars

it's too fast. Fortunately, it's in developpement. So, I hope you will pay attention to advices. I will give you some :

1. Make instructions to make us understand what should we do. It's tic tac toe, we all know what it's about, but here, you have to explain what will happen to us.

2. Let us more time to think. Maybe add some difficulty levels if you think that this speed is ok. Maybe the hardest level is this speed. Then, the others will be slower. It should be nice to understand what to do and to practice what we have learned in the instructions. So let us more time.

3. Put explainations in game. Like write that we are cross, or circle, and maybe an other that say we are loosing or not.

That's all. I hope you will take it to upgrade your game. I give you one star for now (I don't now if we can change it after that). Make us enjoy your game.